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Traditional Caricatures vs. Digital Cartoon Caricatures

Caricatures are a work of art. They oppose normal hand drawn portraits by imitating the characters features in animated ways; mostly which are extremely funny and make a bored evening enjoyable for all.

For those of you who do not know, caricatures are pictures or drawings which ludicrously exaggerate a person’s facial features or expressions or sometimes a complete body language; to make it light heartedly funny.

Caricature artists or Caricaturists are, simply people who make caricatures. They can be called upon for numerous events and for a small fee, can make your day a lot livelier. People who know their caricaturists may argue whether “traditional” ones are better than the more modern, digital cartoonists. Although the “Digital” ones are more of an update to the old age style, some may just prefer the nostalgia that comes with the “Tradition”, so to speak.

But first, let me tell you how Traditional and Modern Caricaturists differ. Although both are caricature artists, it is the method of production which makes the end product so distinct. Traditional Caricaturists use the simplest of items to get the job done; a piece of paper, usually 11 x 14 inches and a pencil or a pen – and of course unparalleled talent. But even these simple things can produce something of fine quality. More than that even, as we see the best works not from the modern age but from the traditional caricature artists. Even some of Leonardo DaVinci’s works can be considered as caricatures!

Nowadays, things work a bit different. To produce more accurate results, people have used technology to their advantage, and with the help of different software programs, they have gone digital. These caricatures are more vivid and expressive according to some, but also pose the obvious skill requirement to achieve it. Let me show you how both of them have their pros and cons, so that when you need to decide which one to book for your entertainment event, you will have no effort in identifying the best possible choice.

Traditional Caricatures Apart from the obvious wave of nostalgia some of you yearn for, you may not get to rewind memories to the amazing works of caricature artists of yesteryear until you book a traditional caricaturist to handle the entertainment sector of your event. Once the caricature is ready, the large size of it makes it easier to be framed and then hung on walls and such for public view. Otherwise, my own experience shows that it rather brings a more personal feeling to it. This is simply unparalleled, when you can give it your own flavor and it makes for a perfect alternative to the basic photo booth design.

Digital Cartoon Caricatures However, with the new age of prosperity and hi-tech, people want something more than just a drawing on a paper. These digital images last forever, and seem refreshing no matter how many times you see them. Being able to move and scale ANYTHING, including reference pictures, sketches and word balloons is definitely an upside. Correcting your mistakes is made easier with a simple undo button and the resulting image is ready to posted on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

To be honest, the decision depends on what you need. Although, digitized caricatures are much more versatile, even allowing for onsite printing as a high resolution photo, it takes a bit more time to complete each photo than that of traditional drawn caricature.

A look at the completed caricature drawn the "traditional" way using a pencil.

Images of The Traditional Caricaturist's Work. People holding the completed caricature to their face for comparison.

The cartoon style caricature drawn on a touchscreen tablet.

To learn more about booking a caricaturist for your upcoming wedding, B’mitzvah, birthday party, corporate event, convention or tradeshow. Call Graffiti Pop Events at 305-918-2975,,

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