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Sharon's Bat Mitzvah Graffiti Canvas Guestbook

Sharon's mom came to us here at Graffiti pop because she wanted to create her own custom guestbook. We knew that she wanted her name on it as well, and that is why we did everything that we could to try and give her the result she wanted. The cool canvas that she wanted had a modern and urban theme and we made sure that we delivered for this. Of course, the guests all signed it and they tagged their canvas with all of their names and how happy they were to attend the event. This made the guest book something to remember and now she can easily hang and keep it in her home as a memory of how great the day was. The canvas was 4ft by 3ft and it was designed by our very own artist Lee. The detailed input was very professional and we are proud to say that this work was done by one of our own.

The stretched canvas was made ready for mounting and it had Sharon’s name in purple and pink lettering. It also had a black background, to try and help the whole thing to stand out.

Of course, kids and adults alike signed the guestbook and they even enjoyed the green screen photo station as well. The Bat Mitzvah took place at the Beach Club in Hallandale Beach FL and we provided a mobile airbrush station as well. This more than helped the 80 kids to keep entertained and we also provided a green screen photo station as well so everyone really did have a great time. If you are interested in having something like this done then all you have to do is get in touch with us and we will do everything that we can to help you.

Event - Sharon's Bat Mitzvah

Airbrush T-shirt and Hat Station and the Graffiti Canvas Guestbook as featured in this blog post.

Graffiti Canvas Guestbook by Graffiti Pop Events - Mural Artists

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