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Orrane + Samira’s Digital Wedding Caricatures

Orrane and Samira’s beautiful and elegant wedding at the Delray Beach Golf Club had a modern twist, Digital Cartoon Caricatures for all the guests. Pop Toons Live Caricaturist, Carlos setup his stylish artist easel and HD TV, that fit well with the soft decor. The completed caricatures of mostly couples look magical and everyone was in awe.

Here are some of the amazing images. The complete gallery can be viewed here.

We originally ran into Samira at Complete Weddings’ Bridal showcase, where she and her bridesmaid had their first cartoon surreal moment. She fell in love with the fun idea of entertaining the guests at her upcoming wedding.

Venue - Delray Beach Golf Club

For information about hiring a caricature artist for an upcoming wedding, call 305-918-2975 or visit www.graffiti-pop.com/caricatures

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