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Graffiti Art, Pop Art Mural Artist



Graffiti Artist, Mural Artist, Airbrush Artist, Breakdancer

Born in Minas Brazil 1982, Marcus Borges moved to America with his family in the mid 80's searching for a brighter future. Living in New York in those times, Marcus was exposed to all the street culture and hip hop  that was sweeping the nation at the time.

Breakdancing and Graffiti art forms captured the imagination of the young artist growing up. With a background in Graffiti, Marcus "Grab" has been painting his art on walls for over 15 years. Establishing himself as a known street artist in Miami, Grab likes to describe his art as being influenced by his native Brazilian culture, with a New York urban feel, with Miami style and colors. 

Today Marcus works as a professional mural artist, and has a studio space in Miami where he works on his gallery paintings. When he's not painting walls in Wynwood, Marcus enjoys traveling and spreading his art around the world, painting at every country and city that he visits. 

Check out the gallery of Grabsters work at Tijauan Flats restaurant locations in Florida and North America

Look at this gallery of Grabsters graffiti writing styles. These pictures are know as flicks.

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